Listen to FLY ON now! Digital distribution will be available soon!

"Fly On" the new EP by Jamie Saylor can be summed up in one word, energy! From the Southern fried, swampy sound of "Down In The Holler," to the soulful anthem and title song, "Fly On," this six pack EP is a must listen! Every track from front to back has something new and different to offer the listener. Saylor's soulful, southern voice coupled with a southern rock, bluesy production come together to offer a sound that immediately hooks the listener and doesn't let go. Saylor, who wrote or co-wrote each tune, says what he is most proud of is that, "Each song came out with the energy and sound I envisioned when creating them. I enjoy writing as much as I do singing and playing live, and to hear these songs come to life and sound just like I had envisioned is a surreal feeling. I'm one step closer to accomplishing a dream that I have been working toward for years. I've earned this opportunity, and look forward to the opportunities that come from it. "Fly On," listen and love!